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Introducing "The Chapters We Don’t Speak About" - An art book. Now available!


Immerse yourself in a fusion of artwork, poetry, and short stories, all woven together in this captivating book. Embark on a journey through a collection of artworks that give voice to the hidden narratives within women's lives. Delve further into each story with interpretive poems and engaging short stories, accompanied by quotes from the women themselves.


By ordering a copy, you play a vital role in bringing this art book to fruition. Your support serves as the very heartbeat behind each brushstroke, allowing art to create deep connections and resonate in profound ways. Whether you're an art lover, a seeker of inspiration, or would simply like to explore the emotions and experiences that shape women's existence, "The Chapters We Don’t Speak About" is a must- have

The Chapters We Don’t Speak About- Art Book

  • 8.5”x11" hard cover book

    63 pages

    Full Color pages

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