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My Story


A few years ago I was an entirely different person. The shutdown due to CoVid came at a time in my life where I unknowingly needed it the most. I had been numb, avoiding any type of feeling. The isolation pushed me over the edge. During one of the Zoom calls that my friends and I had during the shutdown, I picked up a paintbrush and just started putting paint on canvas. With no real direction I started a self portrait. When I finished I stood back and saw the thoughts and emotions that had been buried somewhere inside me thrown on the canvas through bold brushstrokes, layers of texture, and messy drips of color. I thought it was just another day in isolation, but it was the start of an awakening. 
It is through my paintings I've found healing and insight into myself. I want to use my art to show what is happening in my world and the things people, including myself, often aren't bold enough to talk about. The biggest focus of my work is on self worth, discovering our true selves, societal pressures, and how quickly our minds can be altered.
I like to think my work offers a brief escape from reality that sparks curiosity, inspires conversation and touches deep emotions. 
Life is a journey, it's a story to be told, with secrets to be revealed.

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